• Release date:
    September 2009
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  • _TRACK1:
    /uploads/releases/PO002/tracks/track3.mp3|cuernos (Oscarfly)
  • _TRACK2:
    /uploads/releases/PO002/tracks/track1.mp3|merendola (Someone Else remix)
  • _TRACK3:
    /uploads/releases/PO002/tracks/track2.mp3|merendola (Oscarfly)

Second Poco Label release with complete tracks by OscarFly. Merendola (abundant and splendid afternoon snack) and Cuernos (Horns) are fresh and funny tracks thought to move the dance floor without forgetting to surprise to the crowd with their original and funky grooves. This special release includes an exceptional techhouse merendola remix from Philadelphia producer Someone Else.

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