#003 10UP EP

  • Release date:
    Marzo 2010
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  • _TRACK1:
    /uploads/releases/PO003/tracks/track1.mp3|10 UP (Oscarfly & Zippitcher)
  • _TRACK2:
    /uploads/releases/PO003/tracks/track2.mp3|10 UP (Oscarfly remix)
  • _TRACK3:
    /uploads/releases/PO003/tracks/track3.mp3|10 UP (Yostek remix)
  • _TRACK4:
    /uploads/releases/PO003/tracks/track4.mp3|10 UP (Siopis remix on digital version)

Third Poco Label release with one gig tracks produced by OscarFly & Zippitcher featuring Martin Leiton, who is a young Jazz Musician and he is one of the future promises.

This great release includes two remixes by Oscarfly and Yostek on vinyl and a Siopis remix in digital version. Our third release has a mixture of great hottest house and techno grooves with one deep melody making soft tones and excelent rithms.

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