#005 Purple Haze

  • Release date:
    Sep 2012
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  • _TRACK1:
    /uploads/releases/PO005/tracks/track1.mp3|Wild (National Park)
  • _TRACK2:
    /uploads/releases/PO005/tracks/track2.mp3|Madhouse (National Park)
  • _TRACK3:
    /uploads/releases/PO005/tracks/track3.mp3|Vision (National Park)
  • _TRACK4:
    /uploads/releases/PO005/tracks/track4.mp3|Image (National Park)
  • _TRACK5:
    /uploads/releases/PO005/tracks/track5.mp3|Groove (National Park)

Supported by: Paul Nazca (Boxer), Tonyboy (MTR MR), UGLH (8Bit), Sami Wentz (Defected), Mylo Salte (!Organism), Javier Orduña (Resopal) and many more…

This project entitled “PURPLE HAZE” is a work done by three guys.

This EP contains 5 tracks, they typically range from “deep, tech house and techno.”

Offer their work on “POCO label“, hoping to climb the charts ..

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