#008 Ian Cris – Isabelle Marie

  • Release date:
    February 6th 2014 (exclusivity in Beatport January 30th)
  • _TRACK1:
    /uploads/releases/PO008/low/Ian Cris - Isabelle Marie - Master-5.mp3|Isabelle Marie
  • _TRACK2:
    /uploads/releases/PO008/low/D The Doll - Master-4.mp3|D The Doll
  • _TRACK3:
    /uploads/releases/PO008/low/Ian Cris - Isabelle Remix (Raul Robado Remix)-Master2.mp3|Isabelle Marie (Raul Robado Remix)
  • _TRACK4:
    /uploads/releases/PO008/low/Isabelle Marie - Oscarfly Remix-Master4.mp3|Isabelle Marie (Oscarfly Remix)

Ian remodels, polishing, creates authentic electronic nuances, dark, dreamy spirit that transports the listener to a world that is mysterious with class. Isabelle Marie is a track that revolves around a catchy melody. D The Doll has impact in Clubs for Techno. It includes two remixes of Raul Robado and Oscarfly that make this a more complete release, opening it to a style more Techhouse.

Supported by: Dubfire, Animal Trainer, Slam Mode, Claudio Coccoluto, Break 3000, Simon Beeston, Marquez III, Elektrosalz, Richie Hawtin, Mihalis Safras, Hugo, Nadja Lind, Grizzly…

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