#009 Stereo Cartel – Another Day

  • Release date:
    September 15th 2014 (exclusivity in Beatport September 1st)
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  • _TRACK1:
    /uploads/releases/PO009/Stereo Cartel - Another Day.mp3|Another Day
  • _TRACK2:
    /uploads/releases/PO009/Stereo Cartel - Hump Hump.mp3|Hump Hump
  • _TRACK3:
    /uploads/releases/PO009/Stereo Cartel - Space Funk (Raul Robado Remix).mp3|Space Funk (Raul Robado Remix)
  • _TRACK4:
    /uploads/releases/PO009/Stereo Cartel - Hazy Days.mp3|Hazy Day's
  • _TRACK5:
    /uploads/releases/PO009/Stereo Cartel - Another Day (Oscarfly remix).mp3|Another Day (Oscarfly remix)

Stereo Cartel aka Andrew Johnston, producer, promoter and DJ from Northern Ireland, premieres on Poco Label with a full pack of Deep Sexy Grooves, accompanied by consistent basses that will without doubt delight Deep House & Tech House lovers this summer. Oscarfly and Raul Robado give an interesting addition to the release with two fantastic remixes.

Supported by: Animal Trainer, Claudio Coccoluto, Da Funk, G.Digger, Hans Thalau, Luca Doobie, Manou De Jean, Rob Slac, Samuel Dan, Simon Beeston, Sophie Nixdorf, Werner Niedermeier…